KAS:ST, MODIG, Hertz Collision, Black Stone – Uncage V1 [UNCAGE]

Parisian producers, KAS:ST, Berlin based artist Modig, Italian duo, Hertz Crack-up and grower Starless Stone, all give rise to their raw producing talents to this circulate and the Uncage identification. Founded in 2015, Uncage continues to hand over autonomous manifestation to established as famously as upcoming artists without any compromises. The ID aims to zero in on sanitary radical trait and spry rising talents in the upset. >V1<, the latest circulate on famed DJ Marco Faraone and his associate Norman Methners Uncage imprint, is a quote of tracks from Europes finest upcoming producers of the techno sort.

KAS:ST - Journey In Beyond (Original Mix)
MODIG - What you want (Original Mix)
Hertz Collision - Plagede (Original Mix)
Black Stone - Future Line (Original Mix)