KAPPEKOFF – Oktober [Oslo Records]

The constant summer, Kappekoff released the fix "Genero Brush", a collaboration with Maya Vik, and played at Slottsfjell Entertainment and Øya Commemoration's staff program. Within a week of the save of their new segregate «All Day Long», the long story entered Spotify's Universal Viral 50 plot at #2, a map out that shows "..the most shared, trending tracks across the continuous World». «Oktober» is their oldest new isolated since the viral hit, and is the oldest of three new songs to be released every Friday the pre-eminent three weeks of October. Kappekoff (Magnus Falkenberg (23) and Rasmus Thallaug (23)) released their debut EP in 2014, and was awarded "unsigned artist of the week" by Norwegian portable radio railway station NRK P3. Their long explanation "You Hope for It" was added to the stations playlists. The releases be in accord with shows in Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim.

KAPPEKOFF - Oktober (Original Mix)