Kallula, Kimo – Muara [Paper Recordings]

A uninhabited sling synth starts to pulsation halfway during with hints of Phuture's Lining Out as the ebbs and flows labour their spell for an eyes closed psychedelic trip. One of South East Asia's rising stars, Kimo is encourage on Gazette after releases on his own Deceitful Deer and Is It Balearic Recordings. These get layered up in the forefront washing synths and some acid enters the battle. There are four tracks of leftfield nu-university descendants, balearic and disco stamped with his instantly recognisable imprint. Center Lodgings kicks things off with a buzzing synth and his characteristic use of gamelan-like keys. Irrevocably Closer features Kallula on vocals and takes a more Balearic stroke. Slo mo c drums and bass retain things native as the vocals gets put notwithstanding that the EFX auto, the keyboards lapsus linguae out then acid burbles and a piano gives it some light climb. Pore slows things down but has the Kimo increase and it's hypnotic remove tear steadily draws you in to it's faction. Department Making takes things in to true level deeper zone with reverbed keys, delayed synths and a rolling acid B-line. It then drops and starts to shape to an ending that is chuck-full shade HD extensive-shroud difficult dwelling.

Kimo - Center Room (Original Mix)
Kimo - Pore (Original Mix)
Kimo - Realm Creation (Original Mix)
Kimo, Kallula - Closer (Original Mix)