Kala – Smooth Groovers [Forestdelic Records]

Advancing the comfort of their tone toward more groovy lines and juicier sounds, Kala are indubitably fitting a understandably recognised honour on the planet, and for all those that heard Kala playing this summer and are motionless wondering what was that fabric shaking the turf and scene the dancefloor virgin, this particle is the plea. As the summer condition is slowly approaching the closing decimal point, they are go again with some refreshments from their studios, bringing three new tracks as a teaser for their upcoming industry. Honky-tonk into a dancing furor and deliver your ears a gent quantity of infusion with 'Glossy Groovers'. If you've checked Kala's album 'Cosmic Caravan' initially this year on Forestdelic records, you're already social with the quite moving strike one creations the guys from this commitment brought in their construction.

Kala - Smooth Groovers (Original Mix)
Kala - Unsolved Mystery (Original Mix)
Kala - Wicked Moves (Original Mix)