Kaiser Souzai – Singularity [Ballroom Records]

With a growing discography and releases under the control of their district, upcoming on Treibjagd Records, Throne Margin Records and BluFin Records to esteem only a few, the duo on to ask boundaries with their own harmonious class, carving a unsurpassed alcove of Art-beyond repair c destitute tech within the masses. Unstoppable, the Ballroom mark continues to spread with Kaiser Souzai at the wheel. With a beefy start to 2016, Kaiser Souzai advances rocker primary into the cessation of the year with stable more energetic performances across the world and effortless productions on their own Ballroom Records imprint and other estimable labels. Dropping a separate scent aptly titled, 'Peculiarity' the crackerjack conspire be found definitely why they are a effectiveness to be reckoned with in every part of the palatinate of electronic music. Uniqueness is out on Ballroom Records. At all times incorporating their signature assemble up, Kaiser Souzai don't balk with this mellifluous piece de resistance. With intensely marvellous rising arps, 'Queerness' makes it's splodge with sharpened rides paramount up to a brutal dribble into a darker gouge – whispering of a somewhat acid undertone. Berlin duo, Kaiser Souzai exchange to Ballroom Records for the next unshackle on their period expanding designation.

Kaiser Souzai - Singularity (Original Mix)