K-Rad, Jared Wilson, Redwan – Lose Your Identity [Goldmin Music]

Former manager of Marseille's finest label "Roman Photo" with Sarah Goldfarb, Redwan has released music from artists such as Jin Choi, Baby Ford, Tolga Fidan. They were also some of the best selectors in the south of France. It was more than 2 years ago that we first heard this gem of a track "Lose your Identity".Instant crush! A perfect fusion of genres infused with touches of early micro-house influences but merged with a more catchy, acid were keen to see how these epic sounds could be explored in some other artists' hands and took the time to build this ep carefully. Jared Wilson and K-RAD seemed to be the perfect remixers for this , a man who brought acid-house to its very limits, his remix is more broken and slower than his productions on his own imprint 7777 label but you still recognize his brush instantly from the first few bars of the intro, It's heavy and powerful! Then an artist building his own synths modulators and self-releasing his music called Chris Grabowski aka K-Rad. We loved his style and approach so suggested if he'd like to have a go at giving us another interpretation of "lose your identity". His version sounds close to the original however has it's own unique atmosphere bringing the original's lead back and forth, be careful not to lose your ID on the floor!

Redwan - Lose Your Identity (Original Mix)
Redwan - First Time (Original Mix)
Redwan - Lose Your Identity (Jared Wilson Remix)
Redwan - Lose Your Identity (K-Rad Lost My ID Remix)