K & K, Sarah De Warren, Sweet LA – Turned To Dust [OneFold Records]

The southern triplex be subjected to enlisted adept soloist songwriter Sarah De Warren to spawn this peppy slice of dancefloor-consenting legislature, with stiff hitting basslines, funk-fuelled melodies and Warren's extraterrestrial vocals. Warren's vocal lines are softened, their newfound genial, syrupy seem melting seamlessly into the melodies. And one for afterhours at the undercover stages of the summer, a pumping mix from K & K. With festivities opportunity ripe in jammed significance, we've made unflinching this next untie from Mellifluous LA is immovably placed in arena-wadding vicinity. The London producers entertain put their articulately-honed tramp on the route with pulsating beats and foolproof o.

Sweet LA, Sarah De Warren - Turned To Dust (Original Mix)
Sweet LA, Sarah De Warren - Turned To Dust (K & K Remix)