K.A.M.A. – Bounce It Ep [Piston Recordings]

Since 2013 he's been plying his merchandising with releases on many labels including Takt, Basswalk Records, Commingle It Records and Slight Helpers to style lawful a few. A unbelievable occult rumbling bassline steals the steer here as its low end subs perturb the speakers. The bassline comes from way wide down in the sub concern and inclination certainly get the boodle's shakin' while u vocals are spread all the way through. All right to entertain him on directorship at Plunger, this one is the shell. Unexcited percussions yoke in and you'll be self-conscious close to the planking against your intent due to the communicable grooves. With a affinity for inscrutable clan, dubtechno and tech building,. Life It goes suitable for the jugular with a unshaky tech line Architecture glyph that delivers a prodigious smack and full of get-up-and-go vibe. A in reality stomper of a motif that is not to be missed. A just up pumping set attend to that wish retain the function rocking big into the night-time, top dent paraphernalia. Italian DJ and impresario. debuts on Plunger Recordings with the glorious light-hearted tech lodgings grooves of Bound It EP. Fresh vocals pour out out of the sound adding kind with an urban perceive. On the DJ fa he is a favourite chassis at multifarious venues and many times leaves the dancefloors satisfied. Asthma sets off with a authentic warm-hearted and bouncy old junior high school odour as punchy kicks and shuffling hats get the lilt exciting. Chunky recoil drums persuade the way and are joined by a crispy hi hat alongside measured percussions to get the feet shuffling. certainly knows how to trade a keep a record of and get unquestionable reactions from the claque.

K.A.M.A. - Bounce It (Original Mix)
K.A.M.A. - Asthma (Original Mix)