K.A.L.I.L., Handsdown, Leighboy, Bongani – Siderophile [Recovery Collective]

Siderophile symbolises a prodigious and monumental venture for Bongani.

Since we booked him for our monster showcase last year at Earthcore, he started working on this piece for our beloved catalog. Illustrating the journey from 2015 leading up to the event and beyond. now, almost twelve months down the track, with a bunch of top notch parties under the belt and two stellar remixes – we are ready to share with you all.

A deep dark, warm, comfortable and rolling thunder, illustrating the rarest of elements of the highest density.

Accompanied by both a remix from local mob Handsdown & Leighboy with a deep melodic spin, and a more uptempo unrestrained remix from Brazilian wonder-gun KALIL.

Bongani - Siderophile (Original Mix)
Bongani - Siderophile (Handsdown & Leighboy Remix)
Bongani - Siderophile (K.A.L.I.L. Remix)