Justin Pak, Batenko, Coeus, Noah Petersen – Entitled Ep [Swerve Digital]

This let off features 2 source tracks including Brobdingnagian remixes from Engelhart, Coeus​ and Batenko​ & Justin Pak​. We are also provided with 3 eccentric remixes covering both tracks which swop this EP a genuine contemporary resound collectively. Both primary tracks purvey raw and uplifting tech-household vibes, with implementations of noteworthy sounding 90's melodies and vocal lines. We invited Noah Petersen onto the Skew Digital roster with his let out named Entitled EP.

Noah Petersen - Understand (Original Mix)
Noah Petersen - Understand (Engelhart Remix)
Noah Petersen - Protocols (Original Mix)
Noah Petersen - Protocols (Coeus Remix)
Noah Petersen - Protocols (Batenko & Justin Pak Remix)