Justin Berkovi, 3LIAS, Tonepushers, Klartraum – E Remixes, Pt. 3 [Lucidflow]

Last year saw the release of Lucidflow owners Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch's studio album 'E'. Unconventionally, it was split over each quarter of the year, with each cover of each issuing coming together to represent an enneagram, the model of human conventionally is the celebration of a Klartraum album by drafting in familiar friends and collaborators new for a remix extravaganza. Split once again into digestible chunks, the first 'E' package came complete with D. Diggler, Yapacc, Detroitrocketscience, Oscar Barila and Jamin Hernandez on remix duty. Our second release saw Rishi L, Lucien Foort, Jon Donson and Vynyard drafted in for a second round of remix fun. This third part sees Mastercris, Ilias Katelanos, Tonepushers, 3LIAS and Justin Berkovi join the now heaving off, 'Flight To Berlin' is taken through a noir-ish journey by Mastercris. Its deep and fat bassline broadening once it hits the breakdown, bringing in the mute trumpet motif. Driving beats keep the track bumping along, lovers of Joris Voorn's melodic-tech sets will find themselves right at , 'Mirage' is tackled by Ilias Katelanos. It's carefully assembled piece by piece, as if stacking blocks on top of each other. Incrementally, the elements appear; layers of percussion, hints of melody, swells of strings. With anticipation built, it drops into a blissful piano solo over the break before dropping into a hypnotic outro follow this with a remix of 'Tiger Ride'. Its key is its bassline hook, driving the track while letting subtle elements run alongside it. Every first beat has synth that decays through filter, orchestral strings hover in the distance and little vocal snippets drop in. An exercise in tension and release, the breakdown doesn't target euphoric but instead takes the opportunity to drop everything to begin the final climax from the track was based around the iconic synth manufacturers hardware, 3LIAS takes the opportunity to go broad on 'Moogly'. Everything from FM synthesis, Hammond organs, electric piano solos and squelchy filtered basslines from the Moog find themselves referenced here. The keyword here for emotional content is dreamlike final piece in the puzzle also proves to be the toughest track in the collection. Channelling dark 90's hardcore, Justin Berkovi gets fierce on 'Dark Space Night'. Unrelenting percussion teams up with a pair of basslines – one almost incognito as it hits between beats, the other a low choral synth summoned straight from the 25th July by http:

Klartraum, Thalstroem - Flight to Berlin (Mastercris Remix)
Klartraum - Mirage (Ilias Katelanos Remix)
Klartraum - Tiger Ride (Tonepushers Remix)
Klartraum - Moogly (3LIAS Funked Up Remix)
Klartraum - Dark Space Night (Justin Berkovi Remix)