Just Her, Leman & Dieckmann – Daunting Ep [Caduceus Empirical]

Designation railroad 'Daunting' opens up the EP in great high style as the duo's carefully laid out tiniest display is populated by a whip-round of melodic builds and frangible percussion shots, unveiling a mesmerising seven-tick journey. 'Against' before again employs a conflict of lively percussion elements with erudite and restrained grounding atmospherics. Lastly, emerging UK aptitude Ethical Her provides a leaden blooming exegesis of the caption railway, with indirect arpeggios and ringing chords. Alongside contest their own vinyl
based imprint 'Kompliké', the duo has released on the likes of Connaisseur, Baile Musik and Mystified Diaries and some time ago again combines here to give their following unfetter on Caduceus Empiric. Next, 'Radial' stays steadfast to the established aesthetic, with halcyon behind the scenes nuances and rolling ingrained drums. Copenhagen based DJ and O duo Leman & Dieckmann entertain steadily been making waves for
the prior four years with their adroit elegance of yawning and tech abode.

Leman & Dieckmann - Daunting (Original mix)
Leman & Dieckmann - Radial (Original mix)
Leman & Dieckmann - Against (Original mix)
Leman & Dieckmann - Daunting (Just Her remix)