Junction 13, DJ Cameo, Manny – Morning Rain [Defected]

A loyal originate of British crystal set and UKG's dedicated supporter, DJ Cameo's inauguration unmarried for Defected is 'Morning Rain'. Cameo has teamed up with work corporation Crossroads 13 for this 4/4 workout with a unique subtle garage seasoning. DJ Cameo & Union 13 featuring Manny 'Morning Sunshower'
Written by Timotheus Lawson, Emmanuel Ademolu & New Loot Studio (Onor Aluwoade & Lewis Snelman)
Composed by Timotheus Lawson & Naz Ahmed
Produced by DJ Cameo & Juncture 13
Vocals by Manny
Published by Defected Music
P&C 2016 Defected Records Minimal A piano intro develops into a device that glues together the refrain and bass, while Manny's crystal fine vocals and the hugely soign origination gives this important oversee a actually neat get rid of. Bittersweet and melodic, 'Morning Rainfall' hits that sweet-sounding smidgen between thudding residence pursue and vocal ballad.

Manny, DJ Cameo, Junction 13 - Morning Rain feat. Manny (Original Mix)