Jules Calmer – King Emar Ep [Pompano Beach Records]

Jules Calmer brings his debut release to the table. King Emar is an epic EP of 3 chill out songs. All of them have their own story, but
in the bigger picture you can instantly hear that they all belong to the same EP and to the same songwriter. You can Clearly hear Jules' electronic chill out
style in each of the songs although they are spiced up with some more acoustic elements too.

The overall feeling is beautiful and full of melancholy. For The First Time is the first song on the EP and the athmosphere is magical all the way from the beginning. You can also feel the true longing of the female vocals as they step into the soundscape. King Emar on the other hand has a kind of medieval twist and but its melodies are also full of despair. Deserted Paradise pretty much sums it all up some rays of hope for the listener but still quite saddening overall. Beautiful EP release. Definitely worth checking out!

Jules Calmer - For The First Time (Original Mix)
Jules Calmer - King Emar (Original Mix)
Jules Calmer - Deserted Paradise (Original Mix)