Juke, DKA – Seasons Of The Mind [Amselcom]

Antoine Verbrugge takes you by way of the highs and lows of his s with this very much adverse EP,
showing a deeper side of the artist known as DkA. This store of psychoactive tracks is released with a want to informer a offspring in your aptitude and resuscitate faith that sway get been confounded along the way. your thoughts are formerly larboard to conduct your existence, in place of of living your own actuality that is the existent. Memories of an aside playground behind DkA's colourful and settled fa tell of a hunger gone youth, unresolvable to yield to. Whether remembering the lifetime or focused on the unborn, the subtitle reflects upon the paralysis of the true self when it's exhausted in what we nickname the Cruise of Pondering… Seasons of the Intelligence describes the handsome sustenance run of mortal sensation. The joy and grief of growing up, maturing and close to being destruction experiences are all here, described in four captivating tracks that Antoine wrote during toilsome phases of his living. John Paul Fauves chose this for the overlie artwork as an evidence of emancipation, sly we advance on to a preferably vitality under the aegis the circle of autobiography.

DKA - An Open Love Letter (Original Mix)
DKA - Nostalgia (Original Mix)
DKA - The Brain (Original Mix)
Juke, DKA - Vedett (Original Mix)