Juan MacLean, Dirty Sole, Nick Maurer – Owning It [Dirty Sole Music]

A requisite suffer with for any fans of DFA. This concoct marks a re-branding and original new seem for the group, formerly known for their metro cut a rug releases. Cut delivers entirely a athletic histrionic doing and takes the listener on a jaunt middle of all of our deepest wants and desires; which are depicted altogether famously in the music video (sex, notoriety, holdings, etc). On remix role here is nil other than Juan MacLean (DFA Records). Rounding out the segregate, the dub mix strips down parallel with more and delivers a fragrant percussive thump while adding twisted bits of vocals more than the top. Comprehensive, a uncommonly proficient job here and a giant collaboration from Slovenly Only and Juan MacLean. This celibate is a collaboration with chorister/songwriter, Scratch Maurer (USA/Germany), long ago of the combination Greens Keepers. Juan's remix is an superb abstruse mix of ripe pads and atmospheric layers that encompass Police station's vocal and is entirely a immaculate change from the beginning. The right of the line 'Owning It' is the essay here, to a darker, raw and truly analog strike one, be like to that of Talking Heads or LCD Soundsystem. The Chicago based indie electronic coterie, Unclean Personal, is showing their new lineaments.

Nick Maurer, Dirty Sole - Owning It (Original Mix)
Nick Maurer, Dirty Sole - Owning It (Juan MacLean Remix)
Nick Maurer, Dirty Sole - Owning It (Juan MacLean Dub)