Juan Chousa, Roberto Mocha – Siempre Conmigo [Xamaky Records]

Roberto and Jose , they lust after thanks from here to all who take made ??this plan imaginable. Roberto Mocha and Jose Vilches clarify his lenient side , this thi from their own experiences , we display that music is more than rhythms and notes, the music is view, passion , and in this state, one more way to present the infatuation to our loved ones , but they are no longer amidst us. These EP's, are totally especial, and at the request of our artists, all proceeds from their sales pique aimed at the Cancer Affiliation of the Balearic Islands. we accept the mammoth option to make in our two upcoming releases two EP's jammed with much consciousness. DEDICATED TO THE Respect OF ALL PEOPLE THAT Acquire STOPPED BY THIS Blame Malady IS THE CANCER. From XAMAKY RECORDS, we y them excellently with this tremendous presentation, peculiarly because no bowl over desist from , both musically , and in one’s own view. And ofcourse we fully see eye with the proffer! Tremendous GUYS !! Blame you deeply much to: JAVI SOTOS , JUAN CHOUSA , XAMAN , CESAR DE MELERO AND Numerous MORE NOT Fail. Remarkably EMILIA AND LUISA .

Roberto Mocha - Siempre Conmigo (Original Mix)
Roberto Mocha - Siempre Conmigo (Juan Chousa Remix)