JS NYC, Parousia, Mel – Give It To Me [New Talent]

Currently based in London, MEL are a pop music duo mixing several musical genres such as house
music, soul, funk.

This musical creation is the partnership between MELANIE SPENCER, a singer with an amazing
warm voice, capable of singing soft passages up to energetic high notes with tremendous power and
SPINOUS, a producer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that plays guitar, bass, piano.

MELANIE's voice really shines on these songs and her voice reassembles great singers
like Adele, Anastacia or Joss Stone.

This project is very idiosyncratic since this is not a typical singer-songwriter/producer relationship
where roles are clearly separated since both parties work together on the entire creative process.

MEL have toured extensively in Portugal before coming to the UK music scene, where they have
played in several clubs.

Mel - Give It To Me (Original Mix)
Mel - Give It To Me (Parousia Remix)
Mel - Give It To Me (JS NYC Remix)