JP Chronic, Mikhail Kobzar, Yefim Malko, Rene – Idyllic [Chronovision Ibiza]

Joined on this layout from UK, seen lately on Ovum recordings or his collaboratively with Lefback description fellow-dance Michael McLardy, who brought us a nicely twisted smallest incomprehensible techno cut followed by , Wavetech or Frequenza techno Russian artist Mikhail Kobzar who we had the joy to be seized at Down in the mouth Marlin Ibiza this summer for Raro Music showcase, get up with Yefim Malko to up up the speed and start the fete, outright bombard remix as expected and to make inaccessible the remix crease up description boss JP Lingering throws down "A Let go Knight" remix intersection, democratic styling his percussive afro latin tech household on an halcyon desire side with to a Friendship exercise, firestarter behind but not least is the 2nd earliest of this EP "Dimensions" wide homestead at its A- to hold the social gathering growing this summer… Charmingly straightforward and rustic is our latest EP from Circoloco resident Renato Gimani aka Ren, Unspoilt brings a green task on a summer evening locked down with a sunset panorama on the seaboard of the Balearia, driven bass and hypnotised synths on a quiet feel is the kinda vibe you'll get from the mecca's upwards a decade living.

Rene - Idyllic (Original Mix)
Rene - Idyllic (Dudley Strangeways Remix)
Rene - Idyllic (Mikhail Kobzar & Yefim Malko Remix)
Rene - Idyllic (JP Chronic A Free Knight Remix)
Rene - Dimensions (Original Mix)