Josh Mace, Kevin Brugger – Lose Control / Alien Satellite (electro Mix) [Sequel Sound]

The electro mix of 'Foreign Follower' provides a banging mixture of paragon 808 rhythms atop a funky robotic vocal example and acidy, washed out synth lines. Columbus, OH citizen Kevin Brugger graces the wide SQL catalogue with two especial tracks that are gargantuan to close up out our summer with. Distributed by Identifier Motor – 'Yield Dominate' is a untrammelled and summery homestead honky-tonk that laces a titanic vocal circle atop lo-fi tendency drums, all wrapped together in an ready instru. Another take hold of on the alley without overlapping the enchantment and distinctive of the archetypal. Josh Mace manages to include and re-systematize 'Bow to Direct' into something more unrelenting and accessibility is improved by strengthening drums and tightening the consonance whole.

Kevin Brugger - Lose Control (Original Mix)
Kevin Brugger - Alien Satellite (Electro Mix)
Kevin Brugger - Lose Control (Josh Mace Tidy Mix)