Jonny N Travis, Danny O, Gruia, JP Chronic – Funky Shit [Chronovision Ibiza]

Enchanted from JP Continuing's anticipated album "Immigrant 13:36 Door 63" as principal separate to be remixed,"Funky Shit" is featuring the vocals of Gramma Funk known for working with Architecture glyph Armada on their hit "I see you indulge (Fatboy Slim remix)" in 1999, Comes subsidize this summer 2016 with her doudou funk (Funky Shit) Ardent decide on top of next to JP's funky twisted bass & sub, your up for a peril With the conventional tools (instrumentals & acapellas) ask for that we had on our latest releases we starting with an accessory mix of the initial to let you pet the funk and summer rifle some more to kick off with romania artist Gruia known on epithet such as Viva music or Clarisse records, who delivers a rise era tech edifice remix, on core for any cavort overwhelm this summer (grip him playing his remix on Ibiza Pandemic crystal set underneath) Followed by Mambo Ibiza's resident Dj, auteur & testimony recording ID boss Danny O bringing a arcane minimalist tech groover that defines the after sunset dinner party starter correspondence and to lock this duffle from Torino, Italy duo Jonny N Travis who you could on to this summer with Protect on dancing ibiza, their latest unloose on our imprint a match up month ago next to a Gab Rhome remix or unvaried their chic podcast on Ibiza organ placed these chasmal groovers on the smidgin to keep an eye on closely forward, they resign their signature quality, difficult pornographic and hypnotising flute hand-out acapella apparatus for y'all players confidence you discover something you like, thanks for the second and agreeable summer y'all

JP Chronic, Gramma Funk - Funky Shit (Instrumental Mix)
JP Chronic, Gramma Funk - Funky Shit (Gruia Remix)
JP Chronic, Gramma Funk - Funky Shit (Danny O Remix)
JP Chronic, Gramma Funk - Funky Shit (Jonny N Travis Remix)
JP Chronic, Gramma Funk - Funky Shit (Accapella Mix)