Jonny Miller, Incarnate Deep, Kay, Darian Crouse – Fragments [Elle Tone Recordings]

It's been no secret for some time that Blaque is really a force to be reckoned with and his debut album is full proof. Surely 10 years of making music and consistently growing and adapting to the forever changing music scene and the entertainment spectrum at large can give one an organic approach when doing things relating to it. His trademark wit is in so much of the stuff he has done over the years and it does not take rocket science to figure out when it's a Blaque production.
Produced in his studio, in terms of style "Fragments" ranges from full-on soul to impressionistic acoustic all shot through with his trademark style.
Special Appearances from:

Jasmine Clemente
Jonny Miller
Samantha Faison
Nengah Krisnarini
The Triadz
Incarnate Deep


Darian Crouse, Blaque - Playback (Feat. Darian Crouse) (Original Mix)
Jasmine Clemente, Blaque - L.O.V.E (Starring. Jasmine Clemente) (Original Mix)
Blaque, Nengah Krisnarini - Only You (With Nengah Krisnarini) (Jonny Miller Remix)
Blaque, Samantha Faison - I'm Still Loving You (Feat. Samantha Faison) (Original Mix)
Blaque, The Triadz - #DaDeepIsGonnaGetcha (Feat. The Triadz) (Original Mix)
Kay, Blaque, The Triadz - Hey (Feat. The Triadz & Kay) (Original Mix)
Blaque, The Triadz - Choose (Feat. The Triadz) (Original Mix)
Blaque, Incarnate Deep - Relate (Feat. Incarnate Deep) (Original Mix)
Blaque - Fragments (Original Mix)
Blaque, Incarnate Deep - Essence (Feat. Incarnate Deep) (Original Mix)
Blaque - Newera (The Pressure) (Original Mix)