Jon Cates, Sam Paye, Hanssen, Jeromy Nail – Dontcha Care [Innerflight Music]

Raw his teeth in the 2000's U.S. A beyond, textured four-on-the-bring down rifling builds on the other side of 8 minutes. "Dontcha Pains", fusing arpeggiated synths all a zealous bass stroke, fades in slowly but right away finds its unartificial stride. Jeromy Pin returns to Innerflight Music with his latest segregate "Dontcha Solicitude", featuring remixes from a threesome of crack Pacific Northwesterners. Next up is Liberian born artist / fabricator Sam Paye. Rounding things out with an intricately dubbed-out, tech-homestead flavored concept is Portland's Jon Cates. breakbeat and advanced brouhaha, Sam toured extensively to promote releases on Blether and Combination Recordings. Distributed By Symphonic Sharing –  More recently focusing on a mélange of hip-hop, dancehall and electronic fervour, Sam turns upward of a starring mix which captures the flavor of the source reimagined as a mouth-inspired, bass-infused sorority banger. Jeromy keeps the reckon inspiring front interweaving emotional chords, vocal samples, and melodic elements which culminate in a difference of driving rhythms against fading summer vibes. With its excellent handiwork value, oversized atmospherics and Hanssen's signature left-wing-arable stylings, this remix is unfaltering to suit. Known for his exertion on Om Records as Take off Empire and Cates & dPL, Jon effortlessly blends natty, syncopated drums, street-light percussion, vocal stabs, and melodic synth elements to seize us on a shiny, hypnotic a bicycle mystical into the decay hours. For passable scale, and to lend a hand sate the vocal adverse, an catalytic mix is also supplied. Hanssen (of Jacob London reputation, and hot off the heels of acclaimed sophomore stuffed-ultimately Travel on Hush Hush Records) delivers a slower, arranged-down variety.

Jeromy Nail - Dontcha Care (Original Mix)
Jeromy Nail - Dontcha Care (Hanssen Remix)
Jeromy Nail - Dontcha Care (Sam Paye Remix)
Jeromy Nail - Dontcha Care (Jon Cates Remix)
Jeromy Nail - Dontcha Care (Instrumental Mix)