Jolla, Precision – Underground / D.o.s [AR Audio]

The A-Side Buried showcases Precisions unspoilt producing skills with wonderful tense, punchy drums and a toxic incomprehensible bassline that is guaranteed to do check compensation on any dancefloor. With a haunting pad and an old-State school sounding vocal taste which features wholly, this has later definitive importance written all throughout it. The freak out entitled features MC Jolla on vocals. The plunge smacks a severe blast with barbaric sub bass, while the winding percussion and jungle breaks keeps things rolling. Reach a succeed over oil giants- defiance beyond quietness. The intro is set with an epic sky atop of the drums and Jollas vocal which die out in with politically observant lyrics: Are we cordial?

Precision - Underground (Original Mix)
Precision, Jolla - D.O.S (Original Mix)