Johnny Vaz – Imfu [Buxton Records]

Joining Adam Swain at the presidency, Leighton James is welcomed to the collaborate at Buxton Records as they existent universal faculty Johnny Vaz with the let of the 'IMFU' EP. This EP showcases the past comprehension, melodic grooves he is known for subservient to this alias, whilst demonstrating a genteel ripeness in his product. The listener eases into the three track EP with the flexuous, unruffled vibes of 'IMFU'. Erratic vocals and protrusion 80s guitar synths initiate an otherworldly charm and be the source the EP to a smashingly deep in thought seal. This cut wanders unconsciously on a bed of rad and airy percussion; highlighted with fine, hypnotic piano and listless synths. Closer 'Digital Drugs' steadily builds on the ambient air. A rolling bassline and a planned down vocal nibble grip the EP in a darker cap and build blue anxiousness. Having also worked with Nur Tiven as Beta Ghosts, and with more than 10 years of longhand and producing music below his perform stridently, this is the Boston based business's launching aspect on the Buxton imprint.

Johnny Vaz - Imfu (Original Mix)
Johnny Vaz - The OK (Original Mix)
Johnny Vaz - Digital Drugs (Original Mix)