John Paul – In Queue [Lowplay Sound]

Deep House is definitely the music Genre that has most influenced this up and coming artist duo. John Paul is a musical inspiration in the genre and you can certainly feel it in their music. A resounding deep groove feel with overtones of house and techno, their music will make you want to dance, groove and grind all night. John Paul's life quote is 'Music is Life' and you can really feel that in their brand new track.

While spending numerous hours in the studio, this duo loves to spend just as much time out playing and bringing great music to the crowds and get them dancing. Currently working on a brand new EP, they never stop exploring the endless possibilities of music and genre influences on the dance scene. John Paul wanted to reach out to everyone and let them know to prepare for a full onslaught of deep bass and deep house tracks that are sure to shake up the dance scene., and to thank everyone for the support in their musical Endeavour.

John Paul - In Queue (Original Mix)
John Paul - The Lines (Original Mix)