John Haden, Elmar Strathe – Introduction [refused.]

John Haden marked to bring into being his own tuneful dimension materializing his creativity that has received intercontinental acknowledgment and comprehensive strengthen. It's not a matching that the road of these proficient producers crossed each other. Distributed By Symphonic Dispersal – Creativity made a fact. During the end few years, Elmar Strathe's surroundings keep developed into a imaginative informant of energy with which he has been maximizing his developing and proposals to building. During an all-out studio hearing in Cologne, 'Introduction' EP was crafted. Characterized by immersive grooves, original structures, and brooding atmospheres paired with hot, bulky, rolling basslines, damnable synths, and hypothetical tone effects. Cast-dour at its pit, this EP is not like anything you obtain till the end of time heard.

Elmar Strathe, John Haden - Introduction (Original Mix)
Elmar Strathe, John Haden - Inside (Original Mix)
Elmar Strathe, John Haden - Incalculably (Original Mix)
Elmar Strathe, John Haden - In Falling (Original Mix)