Johannes Volk – Asteroid Riding Ep [Polytone]

Within the tracks that own been built to send the experience of opportunity and room, Johannes Volk again pushes himself on the chill vehemence of electronic music. Two splendid techno tracks are in area and a spaced out ambient fraction called It Could Hit on describes the incomprehensi scene from a spacecraft cockpit into the wideness of the circle. After his prospering remix of Orions Importance Johannes Volk returns to Polytone with his initiation EP. On the B-Side -Earthbound- pounds with a extensive false backlash, arpeggiated synths, alerting sounds and a harmonically settled quintessence of riviere-border that eases the elements heterogeneity like the pornographic planets exigency. On the A-Side Volk blows the whistle of the EP s head -Asteroid Riding- with funky chords accompanied by a encyclopedic esoteric bassline, petite samples, noteworthy percussions and a cropped stomping drop-kick-drum, that let you dominate throughout the revolution.

Johannes Volk - Asteroid Riding (Original Mix)
Johannes Volk - Earthbound (Original Mix)
Johannes Volk - It Could Happen (Original Mix)