Joe Cozzo, John Wolf, JLuna, James Grill – Omega [Techno LogyX]

Diversified Artists – Omega is the latest diss on Techno LogyX.Electronic music – an awesome symbiosis of cultural traditions from surroundin the the world at large

James Grill - Life Support (Joe Cozzo Remix)
James Grill - Life Support (Original Mix)
James Grill - Yearrdme (Original Mix)
Jason Dimark - Freaky Ball (Original Mix)
Jason Dimark - I Think So (Original Mix)
JD Powell - Lost (Original Mix)
Jens Mueller - Roswell Wasn't A Fake (Original Mix)
Jens Mueller - Roswell Wasn't A Fake (Straight Version)
Jepy Jey - Burattini (Original Mix)
JfAlexsander - From The Gusho (Original Mix)
JLuna - Bad Humans (Original Mix)
John Wolf - Blast Techno (Original Mix)
John Wolf - Omega (Original Mix)