Joaquin Limon, Mark Pledger, HOLD MODE – Walking Through [Melodika Music]

The primary is a gripping mix of handsome melodies and electro inspired fat striation and catchy incline. Then Nickname proprietor Feature Pledger takes us uphold to his roots with his more old skool yet brand-new big reside stupor remix. Latest but not least Joaquin is go in jam-packed savagery with an darned elevated spirit stiff hitting remix. Alongside remix's from Brand Pledger and Joaquin Limon the rescue has all bases covered with all remarkably contrasting styles of valiant seductive forging. Something for all, Walking On account of is our most simple designate to assignation, its more like stomping to! Confine SOP despatch there new one titled 'Walking To' on Melodika Music.

HOLD MODE - Walking Through (Original Mix)
HOLD MODE - Walking Through (Mark Pledger Remix)
HOLD MODE - Walking Through (Joaquin Limon Remix)