JJ Mullor, HUSP, David Penn – The Flute [Great Stuff Recordings]

Summer is in full swing and we present you with the perfect soundtrack for an unforgettable time with friends under the bright sun. 'Flute' by the North German duo HUSP has all the perfect ingredients for a summer smash hit. Lovely piano & guitar chords bounce back and forth, while the funk-filled bassline does its thing beneath the uplifting flute sequences. Once the vocals unfold their magic there is no turning back!

On remix duty we have two heavy hitters from Spain adding their sorcery to this special package of fine electronic music. David Penn breaks up the structure of the original to inject it with mesmerizing atmospheric elements and rawer sub frequencies – that add even more energy. JJ Mullor changes around the bassline, adds his trademark effect work and adjusts the groove to his big room, peak time needs.

HUSP - The Flute (Original Mix)
HUSP - The Flute (David Penn Remix)
HUSP - The Flute (Jj Mullor Remix)