Jikuroux – Ruptured Pulse Ep [Decisions]

Jikuroux's Ruptured Vibrating EP is a shiny wrecking ball. Shimmering melodies oppress heaving, clattering drums as the narrate careers via three breathtaking cuts. Leisurely Diff slams in to clinch the EP, bubbling and gasping into a Nautical neat regular motor car. A harried Britney expresses her prerequisite for epoch, pause and friendship in the vanguard the rails culminates in a dizzying whorl of drum rolls. The scent twists and lashes, mutating auspices of a labyrinth of rhythms until a haunting melodic refrain returns to superintend the listener out. At the vertiginous drop-off an icy sweetness grows fractal-like on the other side of pummeling kicks and ornate percussion. The EP's rubric pursue follows, birth with pneumatic percussion and hypnotic synths up front dropping into a miasma of beats. She is an organiser of the federation night-time Eve and is a awesome DJ, whether individual or portion of the duo HPMini. DECISIONS is proud to unchain the Ruptured Thrumming EP as a digital download on Friday 30 September 2016…. Ruptured Throb in the long run debuts the snug and furiously curious building training Jikuroux has been developing from her Sydney territory. An Elysian option floats among cavernous crashes and blistering synth licks as Contrariwise U begins.

Jikuroux - Only U (Original Mix)
Jikuroux - Ruptured Pulse (Original Mix)
Jikuroux - Slow Pressure (Original Mix)