Jhonsson, Vibe Killers, Yelmet, Andy Reynolds – Repeat Myself Ep [Carpe Diem Musica]

Andy Reynolds delivers two beginning tracks to the 'Duplicate Myself EP', both rolling tech blood groovers laced with warm voiceover ad-libs alluding to the spirit of what makes blood music so best for summer. Carpe Diem Musica returns with a swarming EP worthy of the articles 'mid summer illogic'. 'Discover That' has a unrivalled blackjack remix provided by Jhonsson, quite teetering for the terraces and caba rooms with its bouncing give someone a once-over, and communicable vocals. 'Eat Myself' carries two remixes from both Nukov & Yelmet and Vibe Killers individually, both stamping their own splodge on the keep a record of with Nukov & Yelmets whirring and pumping cadence and Vibe Killers upfront, percussion distressful rendering.

Andy Reynolds - Eat Myself (Original Mix)
Andy Reynolds - Eat Myself (Nukov & Yelmet Remix)
Andy Reynolds - Eat Myself (Vibe Killers Remix)
Andy Reynolds - Hear That (Original Mix)
Andy Reynolds - Hear That (Jhonsson Remix)