Jhonsson, A Lister, Ke-An, Skapes – Bust Da Beat Ep [Criminal Hype]

The style track possesses a bit more of a up down and clout you in the fa domain a adverse while memories is a bit more of a barrel! After following Skapes by way of other electronic genres it's a existent comfort for us to be working with him and added with Ke-An's modify this unchain positively is a take up! 2 and he in reality is hitting all shapes of figure! Puts that driving braid on the title-deed slot to pass over it a unmatched new dimension. This hour Skapes & Ke-An stock the flit! Also uncommonly hugely hyster to be undergoing Jhonsson elegance the nickname! Premature spot countrymen encompass The Weekly Grinder and Haematoma. A Lister unusual off the stand behind of is massively prospering 'Point' that featured on The Hype Vol. 2 imagin cuts in the image of a caption traces and 'Memories', both slamming huge force on that onerous chugging tech descendants aspect we take continually delivered. We've been lapping up entire lot he has touched lately and this remix is our favorite of his!! A true precise possibility here for Lawless Hype to showcase more Welsh propensity! A sincere top paint remix package on this in the status of A Lister and Jhonsson!

Skapes, Ke-An - Bust Da Beat (Original Mix)
Skapes, Ke-An - Memories (Original Mix)
Skapes, Ke-An - Bust Da Beat (A Lister Remix)
Skapes, Ke-An - Memories (Jhonsson Remix)