Jetty Rachers – Unspoken [Pure deciBel Recording]

Jetty Rachers or also known as ' Jetty ' he was born on 24/6/96. He started to play instruments when he was very young and as a teenager he has his own band and he play a guitar in the rock band before he came to England. He decided to do everything by himself. He joined the EDM last year after he released songs for artist and singer for three years. He composed his first EDM in 2015 called ' Monster kill ' with ShotSounds Music. He also started to make Progressive house called 'Piece of Heart' and 'Put your Hands Up' which he released it with Pure Decibel Record and the song 'Shock Wave' with Vandoorm Music.
Jetty Rachers himself likes rough style of music such as Progressive house so therefore he usually do 'Big Room' and 'Progressive House' mainly.

Jetty Rachers - Unspoken (Original Mix)