Jetsam – Yugen [Renegade Masters]

RIYL – Soulection, Brainfeeder, HW&W, Astral Black, Team Supreme, Gergaz, Soom T, Southside Deluxe. Konchis aka Jetsam is the most promising producer Scotland has ever produced. – Mark McGhee (Girobabies) Just sat for the last hour listening to the new album from Konchis from his Jetsam alias, albums called Yugen and its just blew me away with its originality, its complexity and its beauty, so make sure you cop it when it drops…. big ups to Soom T as well for recognising talent. "- Steg G (Power-cut Productions / Sunny Govan Radio) I've been fortunate enough to check the test a beautiful album this is. Get involved. – Mistah Bohze (Southside Deluxe / II Tone Committee) – "Yugen is said to mean "a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe… and the sad beauty of human suffering". Yugen suggests that beyond what can be said but is not an allusion to another world. It is about this world, this experience." The Renegades are extremely ecstatic to bring you the long awaited juggernaut of sound that is the 'Yugen' LP – by Jetsam ( Konchis) the consistent DJ and producer of quality and sheer originality with a proven track record for his excessive skill and talent – with a highly generous 10 tracks ready to show your sound-system what it has been missing all these years. The journey begins at 'Crystal Oblivion' a fitting intro with a gentle ambience exposing a slow but steady stream of colliding strings harmoniously weaving underwater, lo-fi sounds together with an underlying, deceptively subtle yet consciously apt beat which carries this heart warmer to it's melody driven conclusion leading us almost without warning into 'Ephemeral' which keeps us snorkeling underwater, gently churning out deep melodies and tugging heartstrings as it drops singular notes to create unexpected crescendos which collide a vast array of sounds together – seemingly discordantly – whilst knotting beautifully into this stunning soundscape. 'Cathedrals' perfects the off-beat rhythm in a dubstep movement forging it's own stream of consciousness which fits the dance-floor as it pulses the body into a steady trance-like state whilst maintaining a firm grip on the atmosphere of the LP without repeating itself. 'Celestial Mechanics' sounds like the alien chant from a group of lost children discarded on a planet long ravaged by time with it's repetitive call intro which appears sporadically as if fighting not to be forgotten. Meshing layers of string melodies to rising wind sheets over schizophrenic sporadic keys breaks us down into a warble bass concluding the song and re-introducing you to the planet you thought you had escaped. Lucky for us then that 'End Of Stars' delivers just the follow up we want as it casts us deeper in an ambient, HD soundscape of pure meditation. Its rhythm, key changes and layers of subtle, indiscernible yet perfectly tuned sounds take you to a place you want to remain in a lot longer than the few minutes you are given. However, our journey must continue and this time we enter a world of glass sounds with hints of digital, offbeat subtleties and pondering piano notes which reverberate in 'USHDKNW'. 'Mermaids' gives us a 2 sided delive

Jetsam - Crystal Oblivion (Original Mix)
Jetsam - Ephemeral (Original Mix)
Jetsam - Cathedrals (Original Mix)
Jetsam - Celestial Mechanics (Original Mix)
Jetsam - End Of Stars (Original Mix)
Jetsam - USHDKNW (Original Mix)
Jetsam - Mermaids (Original Mix)
Jetsam - Under The Lake (Cure Me) (Original Mix)
Jetsam - Shore (Original Mix)
Jetsam - Yugen (Original Mix)