Jesus Velazquez – Halloween Nightmares Ep [Symphonic Distribution]

He was raised in Paterson, New Jersey. In the 90's he worked on a leap compilation album on stylinfree records. A few months ago he released an Electronic EP titled Gravitational Waves. From 2000-2009 he worked on music & remixes for of L&J records, then in 2010 he got a designate from his acquaintance Kenny Sanchez of LMRK purposefulness solutions and created the spotlight music and tone efx for the tourney/app iTop Twirl Fighters. He also created some music cues for the shows "The Wanted Being", "Ardour and HipHop Atlanta"","Bad Girls Federation", 'The money Kids of Beverly Hills","Keeping Up With The Kardashians","Natural Faction Procedure Rules Question","Bad Girls All Superstar Clash","Giuliana and Banknote" and "Wiry Infatuation". He was signed on with a assemblage called The Non compos mentis 8 Posse and released a fix. Jesus Velazquez was born in Caguas Puerto Rico. Currently Jesus works with disparate Music Libraries and preparation companies. Jesus started djing in the 80's as a youngster and was on B BOY records in the belatedly 80's. Distributed By Symphonic Sharing – His music can be heard in the family little short of routine on the make clear Access Hollywood on NBC.

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