Jericho Frequency – Through Your Trial / Joined Life [Psychodynamic Recordings]

Side B; Joined Soul – Following on from 'Be means of Your Try-out' Jericho Frequency takes us new on the make, upping the beat and raising the unalterable with an encouraging, plucky and all rounded inspiring casting in 'Joined Being' Jennifer Rene' Released on Armin Van Buuren's 'A Constitution Of Hypnotic' Report Brand, this EP is positive to not undo. Side A; To Your Inquisition – A radiant revisionist creation that is centered far a realistic abstraction measure with theory & Feeling which is established to be gone you faulty more! For Psychodynamic Recordings defective let out we possess a sincere & divergent EP from the Aussie Rising Facility 'Jericho Frequency'

With his chief set 'I'll be Waiting Tour de force.

Jericho Frequency - Through Your Trial (Original Mix)
Jericho Frequency - Joined Life (Original Mix)