Jeremy Sylvester, Ina, Thatflashbang, Erick Blu – One Last Dance [Swonk Music]

captures the excitement of a night you wish would never end, that moment when your life is changed forever by the power and potential of a single kiss, a memory that you will never forget. Polished,upbeat and fun, "One Last Dance" is an energetic and uproarious track that will make you want to sing and dance.
"One Last Dance" is a call to celebration, a reminder of the opportunity to be found in every new moment. Featuring Erick Blu's soulful vocals and accessible Pop Dance beats, this track is perfect for the radio and will excel as an international party anthem. A romantic reminder to head back out to the floor, "One Last Dance" is the perfect way to celebrate the best of life with the people you love. Make sure you celebrate life and enjoy "One Last Dance" before heading home and missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime!
The "One Last Dance" Single comes with a diverse remix package which will allow it to work in many unique settings This package includes dancefloor refixes by INA, Flashbang and Jeremy Sylvester as well as a live solo acoustic version which really display's Erick's impressive dynamism and creative range. The "One Last Dance" remixes will allow you to enjoy this track for many, many years to come!

No matter what point of the evening it is or how old you are, there is always time to enjoy another moment of excitement and intrigue on the dancefloor. You never know, you just might

Erick Blu - One Last Dance (Original Mix)
Erick Blu - One Last Dance (Thatflashbang Remix)
Erick Blu - One Last Dance (INA Remix)
Erick Blu - One Last Dance (Jeremy Sylvester Remix)