JD Powell, Turbomatik, Sergio Casas, Tawa Girl – Best Of Blackvogue Records [BlackVogue Records]

For our 6 months of lifestyle we be enduring changed a compilation of tracks top-sellers from our designation, acknowledgement you all for confiding our label
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Distributed by Triplepoint –

Tawa Girl - Silence (Original Black Mix)
Jose Baher - Brutal (Original Black Mix)
Jose Baher - Goose Bumpers (Original Black Mix)
m.a.m.i. - Give iIt Up (JD Powell Remix)
m.a.m.i. - Give iIt Up (Original Black Mix)
Moe.ritz - Final Sensation (Original Black Mix)
Gianni Ruocco - Loop (Original Black Mix)
Sergio Casas - Synthetic (Original Black Mix)
Turbomatik - Renove (Original Black Mix)