JCtheBear – Pygmalion Ep [Tanama Records]

Two tracks, both chock-full of nebulous sounds that are suited to elegantly do away with the dance make fall. For the subordinate and final course of the EP, 'Dancemare', JCTheBear expands on his dream and delivers a firm scent that get things booming from the very much in front thrash. JCTheBear pulls from the most superior elements and sounds of parliament to invent a monitor that's pliable, yet an flawless banger. JCTheBear Pygmalion EP arrives in August 15th via Tanama Records. Things start off with the oversee that gives handle to the EP, 'Pygmalion', with a pulsating and substantial batter that on no occasion stops growing.

JCtheBear - Pygmalion (Original Mix)
JCtheBear - Dancemare (Original Mix)