Jazzy Eyewear – King Of The World [So Sound Recordings]

On the heels of finalizing his new album after a year stint in the studio and after 4-year hiatus, since the release of his last single 'This Time', Jazzy Eyewear returns with a decidedly soulful, blues-y song that epitomizes his new musical approach in this new face of his career.

Jazzy Eyewear, about his break in music production and his new album:

'In the last few years I had the chance to re-encounter my self in a retrospective trip inside my mind and soul. Collecting memories of my life, since my childhood to present times.
Alone the way I've realized I had the necessity to bring out all the music and emotions I had inside and take a more organic and human approach to my way of making music. In this liberating experience came alone the creation of 'King Of The World' as well as the rest of the songs on my upcoming album.'

Fabian Giannattasio: epiphone casino electric guitar, music man stingray bass, sterling bass, gibson acoustic guitar, synth and drum programming, samples, recording, mixing and mastering.

Jazzy Eyewear - King Of The World (Original Mix)