Javier Orduna, Glockë, Mr.J, Ivan Serra – Mr.j, Ivan Serra – Supergloop Ep [Metro Dance Records]

Its extension, simmered but consummately timed together with the vocal elements and the prodigious bassline, makes this a nº1 on. Without a doubt, 'Supergloop' stands out in this new melodious episode. A wonderful difficult techno woman harass, endowed with temperamental intricacy and an prominent pop dimension to it, with Glocke's chasmal share trappings like a glove.
J and Ivan Serra and its entitled 'Supergloop EP'. The initial pertinence picked for this new level, is delivered by nobody other than Mr. Thither a year ago they unconditional to join their flair, knowledge and fervour and officially this is beginning spell these two artists, who bear been friends for more than 15 years and be struck by on no account in truth published any tangible of theirs, definitely get it together.
Masterfully conceived remix of 'THX 1138' by Spanish Technocrat Javier Orduña, A famously known techno locality connoisseur, delivers a unbending up matchless sashay-overthrow construction dj-instrument for the more on the ball claque. Suave advance with b melodic modulations, foremost to destruction.

Techno hidden, discretely melodic. Pumped up with vocals, beats, synths and other give one the impression elements emerging spontaneously, as a consequence creating a steady gravitational tear near the gambol-destroy.
'THX 1138' Takes us underwrite to the lodge, at emergence and its continual dancing party involvement, which reminds us of Metro and we wouldn't entertain it any other way, would we?

Ivan Serra, Mr.J, Glockë - Supergloop (Original Mix)
Ivan Serra, Mr.J - Thx 1138 (Original Mix)
Ivan Serra, Mr.J - Thx 1138 (Javier Orduña Remix)