Javier Almijo, Absence of Light, Celedon – Galinea [Proposal]

The duo formed by Non-attendance of Firelight & Celedon it's here to present oneself us his concealed eyesight of the electronica. This up to date year Celedon released unaccompanied his inauguration EP "Something is Occurrence" at Recommendation, and some releases ago the duo made his acclaimed remix of Jose Ayen & Apsara "Brooklyn", introducing his conceptual and notable they advance stand behind with his new EP "Galinea", where the creativity and the organization raises our expectations, with its earmark analog report, roaring synths and subfusc melodies infusing cheerless unfetter is completed with the remix made by Javier Almijo more focused in a baton Tech-Household look bringing the paramount synths to another flat.

Celedon, Absence of Light - Galinea (Original Mix)
Celedon, Absence of Light - Galinea (Javier Almijo Remix)
Celedon, Absence of Light - Distante (Original Mix)