Javi Lopez, Davina Moss – Jail Of My Heart Ep (incl. Javi Lopez Remix) [Defined Music]

Published by Defined Music.
Written and Produced by Davina Moss.
A second to none in harmony fusion of full-bodied bubbling percussion interspersed with melodious vocals and swaying bassline. You purpose not be remorseful over. -Summer Commotion- Is a unique event into balearic tone dunes. -Stir Of My Focus- This way is definitely a ilk of sonic restrict, issue it keeps you stuck to the ravishing slot. And the stalwart remix by Javi Lopez beyond the shadow of a doubt gonna fashion any dancefloor bust with a Cyclopean sip. Go for it. New modern and hot Defined Music emancipate by Davina Moss.

Davina Moss - Jail Of My Heart (Original Mix)
Davina Moss - Jail Of My Heart (Javi Lopez Remix)
Davina Moss - Summer Splash (Original Mix)