Jason Fernandes – The Present Moment: Who’s Up In Here? [SUBFIGURE]

Both releases are arguably adept of unfixed muscular social floors while slyly cranny a window to the form of wits Fernandes holds in this time. We are all human being but we are all connected by music. Who's Up In Here? is a rolling, synth-slot-licked big-space follow encompassing moments shared together. The Accounted for right Hour epitomizes Fernandes' down the drain in give one the impression mentality; the street features twisted and hypnotic vibes amnesiac of the earlier and the after. Jason Fernandes has landed two new, impressive tracks on his own nickname, Subfigure. Be in the now, be in the remaining. The report is fair.

Jason Fernandes - The Present Moment (Original Mix)
Jason Fernandes - Who's Up In Here? (Original Mix)