Janet Feder, Matt Berninger, Ron Miles, High Fiction – To:  Whom It May Concern [Symphonic Distribution]

Consequential Fiction is an indie in ruins duo based in Denver, Colorado, consisting of Gary Grundei and Amy Shelley. Both musicians out from their eclectic backgrounds as s musicians; blending ruined, jazz, funk, Brazilian, euphonious theater, and traditional music to engender pop tunes with distinct state of health, layers, and compelling storytelling. Extraordinary Fiction is known for curating in perfect accord events that are division concert, component community gatherings, simultaneously comic and magical, affected and introspective. "High-priced Fiction is what you get when you unite the Blooming Lips with the Beatles." – Dave Wilton, A Boy and His Kite Amy plays drums, sings and adds odd instruments that you effectiveness espy at your grandfather's favorite prudence amass. Gary plays keyboards, miscellaneous other sundry instruments and sings with a utterance that both draws you in and breaks your callousness.

High Fiction, Ron Miles - Dynamite (feat. Ron Miles) (Original Mix)
High Fiction - Stars So Clear (Original Mix)
High Fiction - Catching Pigeons (Original Mix)
High Fiction, Matt Berninger - The Young Men (feat. Matt Berninger) (Original Mix)
High Fiction - A Seat at the Edge (Original Mix)
High Fiction, Janet Feder - Luminous (feat. Janet Feder) (Original Mix)
High Fiction - Places (Original Mix)
High Fiction - Am I a Dream (Original Mix)
High Fiction, Ron Miles - The Saddest Part (feat. Ron Miles) (Original Mix)
High Fiction - Elvis Has Left the Building (Original Mix)
High Fiction - No More Mistakes (Original Mix)