Jamie Bissmire, Ben Long – Earth Coincidence Ep [Coincidence Records]

Well. This ninth season of Coincidence Records surely was one with a lot of musical highlights. We really couldn't be more happy with the quality of the productions our talented artists entrusted us with. So it's only fitting that we close the season with a release that can stand its ground when compared to what came before.

If you have been into Techno for any length of time, you are bound to have heard, played and spinned musi made by Ben Long and Jamie Bissmire. Perhaps their names do not rng a bell, but when I say 'Space Djz' that surely must jog your memory. Their track 'Side On' which was released on Ongaku is still today and unparralled classic that has stood the test of time. Many masterpieces followed and here we are now: 20 years down the line.

They didn't come empty-handed to say the least: five tracks no less! From the very first bar the intentions are clear: pounding, earth-scorching violent beats and short stabs aimed at the dancefloor. First track 'Stump – Paramatric Resonance' is a techno floorfiller with heavy beats and electronic buzz sounds drilling the message in.

'Sixx-Tianhe-1A' relies more on a woodblock-on-echoes theme, simple yet effective and very DJ friendly, to say the least.

On to the third cut, which is 'Rumble Fish'. That basskick is more prominent and again the rest is stripped for maximum effect. Less is more.

The – relatively – deeper sound comes in 'The Key', where the pounding sound is taken back a notch and the groove gets to work its magic. This is a track that can be used by many DJs, not just the harder techno type but it will also do well in a peak time tech house set when applied in the right dose by capable hands.

Fifth track is actually a rework of 'The Key', a lot more pounding but with a pure Tech House vibe that doesn't hold back anymore. It just makes it a fantastic groovy tool for a sunday afternoon festival set.

So, there you go, we hope you'll enjoy this final release of the ninth season and we will hear you after summer, and see you during summer at – where else – Tomorrowland.

Ben Long, Jamie Bissmire - Stump - Paramtric Resonance (Original Mix)
Ben Long, Jamie Bissmire - Sixx - Tianhe - 1A (Original Mix)
Ben Long, Jamie Bissmire - Rumble Fish (Original Mix)
Ben Long, Jamie Bissmire - The Key (Original Mix)
Ben Long, Jamie Bissmire - The Key (Tool)