James Petrou, Cicuendez, Dhaze, Litmus – Analytical [Trojan House Records]

Young blood Chris Skapetis aka Litmus debuts his solo EP 'Analytical' on Trojan House with two tunes in his unique stripped back Techno style. 'Analytical' is a beautifully melodic piece, down tempo, low slung and gorgeously sluggish. Evolving synth work with an emotionally charged piano melody wash across the canvas delicately, while the sub bass adds rumble and groove as it rolls back and forth. 'Redemption', with its minimal flavour and vocal hymn exude a haunting and exciting vibe. The sub bass fills the low end nicely, and its the relationship between the bass and the vocal that will have dance floors in a hypnotic trance.

Dhaze brings the noise, and delivers a huge Techno remix of 'Analytical' drenched in his signature sound. Uppity and driving, powerful and strong when all the elements culminate, it has enough oomph to make even the most dense dance floors shudder.

Cicuendez is up next with his rendition of "Analytical', and its a minimal Techno affair. Eerily vibbed with a slight industrial feel to its thumping rhythm. It harbors a full pallet of sounds filling the spectrum that add flow to the groove when washing over the subby low end.

James Petrou chooses to take his 'Redemption' remix to a totally different realm than the original. At its core it is a bass line driven Tech House romper! Creative synth work in the evolving breakdowns dissipate in an instant to give way to the god like bass line which drops into place abruptly and will have crowds begging for more.

Trojan House Records

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Litmus - Analytical (Original Mix)
Litmus - Analytical (Dhaze Rework)
Litmus - Analytical (Cicuendez Remix)
Litmus - Redemption (Original Mix)
Litmus - Redemption (James Petrou Remix)