James Orvis, Saint Cole – Diverse Intentions Lp [Urban Kickz Recordings]

UKR is thrilled to welcome UK's Saint Cole to our imprint with a breakthrough album titled Diverse Intentions, with a world-class remix from the almighty James Orvis. Known for techno and house bangers of the highest caliber, we've brought on Saint Cole with his forward-thinking vision incorporating a unique blend of his own voice, which coincidentally and remarkably is the only source of all the vocals in this release (no other vocal samples used) , futuristic synths, bass, effects and impeccably placed percussive elements. The end result is an album of epic body of work that speaks volumes about Saint Cole's musical talent and unabashed ability to fuse musicality with the unexplored world of complete originality. We start off the album with a club stormer titled 'I Got Nothing To Give', a summer anthem with its fat analog bass line, mimicking lead line and mind-melting vocals that wash the crowd with color and energy. Next up is 'We Commandeer This Club', an ode perhaps to Green sirens ablaze and distorted pitch-crazy vocals that weave in and out of an intense bass line that builds and builds creating a firestorm on the dance floor. Third track in and things get hectic with a drum fill-laden slice and dice gem titled 'Voices', a larger than life floor pleaser for the ages. The mission continues as Saint Cole keeps us headed into the outer realms of consciousness with 'Message Intercept', a super-charged bomb that's destined to shred clubs and parties across the globe with its arpeggiated synth action and ethereal vocals. Powerful and deadly. Next up we've got 'On A Different Frequency', and this means another Saint Cole scorcher with its distorted vocals, warped synths and huge room ammo for the main slot. Saint Cole continues with 'Alien Inter-Fear', a tripped out digital affair that takes the listener on a journey into areas yet , intriguing, mesmerizing and introspective. We continue this aural trip with 'Chicago Black Magic', a deep tribal track with a Detroit feel to and intelligent. Saint Cole is in top form here with his next weapon 'Back To My Roots', for all those who know what's up, the 'old-schoolers' will defs appreciate this one with its retro meets new-school feel, huge bass line, filthy bongos an vocal talking about 'how it used to be.' Next up is a real stunner titled 'The Spirit Molecule', a downtempo emotionally provocative anthem that features Saint Cole's sultry vocals layered over a robust synth bass line and strings. Larger than life, this breathtaking composition could be the sound track to Saint Cole's existence, filled with passion, intrigue and expressions of his battle between strife and optimism. As there is no rest for the wicked, Saint Cole brings heat with a true stand out effort titled 'The Sixth Sun', a blinding hot jacker that takes control and is set to pack the floor and then some! An absolutely brilliantly crafted festival Cole just doesn't quit. As we approach the final turn we go to Saint Cole's native Kenya where he was born and raised. Inspired by listening to tribal chanting in his youth, and with all parts including the tribal chanting sung by Saint Cole, 'Welcome To The Graveyard' saturates your soul as it is meticulously uplifting and enchanting, transporting the listener to the African savanna, where the suns sets like nowhere else on earth and the tribes chant in unison. To wrap up this monumental release is a sonic belter of a remix of Saint Cole's 'Message Intercept', from UK's James Orvis that is the cherry on the top of this mind curdling release. Pure quality big support from the key players on this up the volume on these bad boys and feel the sound of Saint Cole is here.

Saint Cole - I Got Nothing To Give (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - We Commandeer This Club (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - Voices (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - Message Intercept (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - On A Different Frequency (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - Alien Inter-Fear (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - Chicago Black Magic (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - Back To My Roots (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - The Spirit Molecule (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - The Sixth Sun (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - Welcome To The Graveyard (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - Welcome To The Graveyard (Instrumental Mix)
Saint Cole - Message Intercept (James Orvis Remix)